I have some songs to share,
I hope you are blessed and encouraged

Angela Dittmar
      Welcome to Angel Flower Music!
I never knew I was a songwriter, but I have been allowed to pen some songs that I am happy to share. It is my hope that each of these songs will be re-recorded in the most glorious fashion, with proper orchestrations, vocal artists, and in professional sound studios....and that this music will go around the world to every nation....but till then, I am sharing these songs with you, and I hope that this music will bless you, and maybe You will sing these melodies in your car, in your kitchen, and in your heart.
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May this be a blessing to you and may you know the Living God, Jesus! AMEN!


Gallbladder Blues

    It was 2007 when I set up this website after a minor surgery became a defining moment for me - was I ready to meet the Lord? Along with my many sins, I would have to confess to playing scrabble and suduko, instead of sharing my faith, and sharing His songs - songs the Lord put in my heart years ago; the paper they were written on had literally grown moldy, as they were on my basement floor.
     For the longest time I had stopped sharing my faith and my songs.....and there are all kinds of reasons, musically and otherwise, why these songs could stay unheard....But His mercy is new every morning! And so, He gave me a new start, a fresh beginning, and Songs of Praise have been in my mouth since then!
   (and the Dr. told me that gallbladders weren't needed - little did he know)



Angela is a songwriter/ singer/ speaker
who is happy to share the songs the Lord has allowed her to pen.
She shares how Jesus prepared her for the adventure she is on,
and how to discover the joy in your own adventure...through laughter and song.
By His Mighty Hand, her music has traveled from her moldy basement floor around the globe!
Her songs are listed with CCLI and have been linked as downloads in international magazines.
She has spoken for womens ministries & conferences, cruises, churches & coffeehouses.

To have Angela speak or sing at your event
  • Email or call 352-540-0764
  • "All because of a gallbladder!"